We Did it!!

Over 3000 viewers of Poto Mitan went to the campaign site to cancel Haiti's debt. And… we won! Thank you for that. This page is an archive of actions. For further updates on Haiti, please visit filmmaker Mark Schuller's site.

“Poto Mitan should be required viewing for Bill Clinton, Paul Collier and indeed all economists who craft economic policies for the international financial institutions for Haiti. All economics departments should have a copy.”

-Alex Dupuy, Haitian American scholar

Take Action Now!

Stop Evictions in Haiti’s IDP Camps

Living in the IDP camps has always been precarious, with constant fear of rain, insecurity, cholera, and eviction. Since the installation of the new administration, some landowners and local politicians have seized the opportunity to close down camps, particularly in the city of Delmas by the industrial park and international airport. Marie-Jeanne has been forced off her camp in Delmas, not offered anything but threats of violence to move somewhere else.

Please join partner organization TransAfrica Forum&srquo;s action alert on this issue, asking the government to protect the rights of IDPs like Marie-Jeanne, Frisline, and Hélène:


Take action: Greater Accountability in Aid

Despite the strides made in the immediate emergency response, progress has been frustratingly slow. Too many people still live in camps and as many as 800,000 live in houses that have been slated for demolition, and cholera has claimed 5300 lives already, and threatens to peak again following the hurricane season.

On May 11, Congress passed the “Assessing Progress in Haiti Act” - H.R. 1016, calling for an accounting of official U.S. aid to Haiti. Now it’s at the Senate. Please contact your Senator, or Sen. Foreign Relations Committee Chair John Kerry and Ranking Republican Richard Lugar, to pass the bill.


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