Mary Becker

Executive Producer

ary Becker lives with her husband, Gary, in Santa Barbara, CA. She previously worked as a certified financial planner and investment advisor in affiliation with First Affirmative Financial Network. Her primary emphasis was advising individuals and organizations on developing investment strategies for socially responsible portfolios. In 2000 she sold her business and retired from the investment/financial planning profession.

Currently Ms. Becker works as a spiritual director and is on the training staff of Stillpoint Spiritual Direction training program. She is a practitioner and promoter of contemplative dialogue as a tool for communication and connection. She is actively involved as a volunteer with several community organizations mostly in the area of peace-making, and is on the national boards of the Center for Contemplative Dialogue, JustFaith and Fonkoze, a microfinance/literacy program in Haiti.

She is the executive producer of the prize-winning documentary, Original Child Bomb.

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